Favorite Beer Right Now Is....

Favorite Beer Right Now Is....
January- Favorite Beer of the month is...Kirin Ichiban (or Sake Bombs)

Friday, December 23, 2011

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The Sundown at Granada - Beer Garden
(not pictured below)

I feel a little better, I have something to be excited about and yet at the same time I'm trying not to get my hopes up or anything. In an effort to realize my career goals I've long realized that like everything in the world it requires more money. Rather than continuing to complain about it (the lack of funds), I've taken the initiative to apply for a second job. I applied Thursday afternoon, came in Friday morning and had already received a reply to my resume and email -

"Thanks for the interest but would need a few more shifts than just Sat night. Let me know if it changes. Not open on Sun afternoon yet."

So I talked things out with my lovely wife, who supports me always but was not initially to happy about this eventually came to the understanding that a second job for awhile might not be that bad. I informed him I could work with him on that and after a few more back and forth emails I have a job interview Tuesday.

Here's the cool part, it's for a bar and beer garden! How cool is that? I've always wanted to work for a bar, hopefully I can get some bartending in. In any case they have over 60 beers on tap (and that doesn't include what's bottled) so I would loosely say I get to work with beer, sort of. I would get to expand my working knowledge of beer and best of all I would be getting paid for it. I hope it works out, either way actually it will because the beer garden idea was mine way before them. I just didn't have the money right...

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