Favorite Beer Right Now Is....

Favorite Beer Right Now Is....
January- Favorite Beer of the month is...Kirin Ichiban (or Sake Bombs)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Messed around in the kitchen last night...

4th batch and counting, I'm still perfecting my ale fake bock recipe.

Had a friend come over for his first brew and "assist". Having spent years as a wine snob I think he's coming around on beer. Oddly enough his favorite seems to be American IPA's. Not to say he didn't enjoy beer before this sudden interest but only casual and nothing outside of macro-brewery beers. So to just suddenly jump into that really surprises me. Generally going from Bud Light to Ranger IPA takes time.


Took notes this time during the process noting my hop schedule and the slight variations to which ingredients and how much were changed from the original recipe.

My 3rd batch (pictured below) came out perfect, or at least as perfect as we've made. The original recipe was supposed to be a clone beer of a bock but using a ale yeast with as neutral of flavors as possible (since I don't currently have the ability to ferment true lagers).

We followed the recipe to a T the first time, the beer was entirely underwhelming. It tasted watered down with very little if any bouquet or aroma, the color wasn't even close. Slowly but surely we brought it along with some modifications by the 3rd batch and sure enough if I didn't throw away or lose the recipe.

Hooray for beer!

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