Favorite Beer Right Now Is....

Favorite Beer Right Now Is....
January- Favorite Beer of the month is...Kirin Ichiban (or Sake Bombs)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slow day in beer related news....

The Wall Street Journal reported today on a lawsuit involving a patron and a bar over a game of beer pong gone awry. The law suit in short alledges neglect on the owners part to prevent Alan Berger from becoming too inebriated and later struck by a car attempting to cross a highway. The article partially quoted below:

A judge has thrown out a New Jersey man's lawsuit against a Greenwich Village pub over injuries he suffered following a beer pong game.The judge found Alan Berger voluntarily signed up for the beer-drinking game and couldn't sue Wicked Willy.The judge said Berger "consumed alcohol to the point of diminished capacity."Court papers say Berger played the game for 3½ hours in June 2009. He later was struck by a car while trying to cross a highway in Manalapan,N.J.

Also fictionally quoted bar owner of Wicked Willy's states:

Na-na-na boo-boo, stick your head in doo doo.

To which Mr.Berger might or might not have responded:

Come at me bro!

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